Friday, May 12, 2006

The Many Faces of Lily

I love the fact that Lily is so much more interactive than she was at birth. I remember thinking to myself, "hmm... so what do I do with the baby now..." When babies are born, you feed them, you change diapers, bathe them, and let them sleep. The rest of the day is kind of a blur, because "playtime" really isn't playtime. Playtime at that age is you trying to find ways to avoid crying at all costs. I am soo glad that phase is over.

Nowadays, I can actually talk to Lily. It's a modified conversation where I say, "So Lily, how's your day been so far?" and she'll gurgle some noise back and laugh at me like I'm a dork (which really isn't that far from the truth).

The other day, we drove out to Torrance to spend the afternoon with my cousin, Melissa. Here are a few photos I snapped while she was talking to Lily.

Here's Lily thinking, "What on earth is she saying?"

"Oh.. that's kinda interesting.. keep talking."

"What the heck is up there????"

"You're so funny."

Oh, and she just woke up from her afternoon nap. Have a good weekend, everyone! :)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I had a cavity in one of my top molars a long time ago. I think I had it filled when I was 15 or so, perhaps even earlier. Anyway, if any of you have had a filling for a cavity, you know how the process goes.. the dentist drills a hole where your cavity is, then covers it with the "filling".

Unfortunately, my filling fell out right when I got pregnant, (which is about April, 2005) leaving my tooth with a big hole. I didn't want to get it fixed with the novacaine and all, because I didn't want any of the anesthesia to affect the baby. A few days ago, the tooth broke in half. Oh my god, it hurt. Actually, it still hurts. A lot. Ow.

So I made an emergency appointment at the dentist, and arrived promptly at 10:00am. I was given a few options as far as what I can do with the tooth, but the most logical thing to do was to extract it.

My dentist prepped me and told me what to expect, then began with the 3 shots of novacaine. (ahh.. novacaine.. my friend.) After the anesthetic took into effect, he proceeded to push my gums back to expose the base of my molar. Okay.. a little uncomfortable, but I was fine. After he tried to pull on the tooth, it started to hurt. After 15 minutes of pulling and twisting my tooth, it hurt more. 30 minutes later, my frustrated dentist asked if he could take a break. Frustrated myself, I agreed. 5 minutes later, the senior dentist walked into the office and tried. 45 minutes later, she excused herself and the original dentist came back in. Both dentists worked on that one stupid molar for another 30 minutes, then decided that it would be best to surgically remove it.

Another 30 minutes.. another 15 minutes.. a scalpel cutting my gum to expose the roots of my molar, a drill comes out to break off the tooth from the roots of the tooth, an exclamation of "whoa" from both dentists, and a HUGE plier-looking thing to extract each root from the gum.

After a few more x-rays and a prescription for pain killers, I asked the dentists why did they say, "whoa" earlier during the extraction. They said, " Normal teeth have 2 roots, perhaps 3. You had 4. What made it so difficult, was the fact that your 4 roots were all facing different directions and was hugging the bone in your jaw. Can you lean back again because we have to move your jaw bone back into place."

A day later, and I'm still hurting. Holy crap.. that was only the first stage of getting the whole tooth thing fixed. I have to wait 4-6 weeks to get the gum healed and then come back to get the rest of the work done. Eew.

Did I mention it hurt?