Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Quick Rant

Last night, my Mom returned from a 5-day vacation in Las Vegas. Her sister had her 50 year high school reunion at one of the hotels (which I hear was a total blast). The had so much fun, they all decided to extend their vacations and stay at the house. Accompanying them were my Uncle Sebastian and his wife, Auntie Bella.

I arrived at the house and greeted everyone, to which Auntie Bella said, "Armi... are you pregnant again? You really look like it!".

What a bitch!

Myra (my cool sis) took me to Nordstroms last weekend because she said she'd buy me jeans for my birthday. I've actually been wanting a pair because my old ones don't fit anymore. (ugh) I found these AWESOME pair of Joe's Jeans, but was kinda hesitant about trying them on because they were $195.00. I didn't want to have Myra spend THAT much, but she suggested Nordstroms, so we went. She actually suggested trying on the Joe's Jeans because she loves hers so much.

So I walked into the dressing room with the jeans and tried them on. They didn't fit. Actually, they would've fit, but the c-section belly flap just got in the way. (BOOO!!!)

I KNOW I don't look the way I used to pre-pregnancy. I KNOW I haven't gone to the gym as much as I should, but hell.. it's hard to go somewhere with Lily in tow. (The gym only supervises kids who are 6 months+.) I am very aware of what I look like.. the jeans told me so. My mind tells me I'm fluffy when I look in the mirror in the morning.

So I'm sad.

Did I mention my Aunt is a bitch?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Ipod

So my sister just purchased this $400.00 Ipod that's actually pretty cool. She's been uploading all these random CDs that simultaneously upload onto the computer. As I type this lame blog, I'm listening to one of the CDs she uploaded today. What am I listening to? NSYNC. I was trying to concentrate on reading a serious email I received from an old CBTL friend, but I had to read it 2x's just to understand what it said as the terrible sound of Chris Kirkpatrick filled the room and distracted me. Eesh.
On a side note, Jay and FB gave me this NSYNC booklet with stickers in it. That gift ranks up there with the faux piece of blonde hair they gave me for my birthday last year. :) Gotta love it.