Tuesday, April 18, 2006


A few days ago, I found my Mom reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. As I was preparing Lily's breakfast bottle, she mentioned to me that in an article she was reading, the author had said the movie, Brokeback Mountain really isn't that good of a movie. The article had also stated that it was vulgar and tasteless to even produce such a movie.

I asked my Mom if she agreed with the article, and she said, "I don't know... maybe.". How disappointing. As smart as my Mother is, she really is stupid sometimes. I'm not sure if it's because of her age, her ethnicity, or how she was raised, but it really was so disappointing to realize that although she works in a hospital with so many different kinds of people, she's still closed-minded in some ways.

I try to be very respectful of my elders. I was taught values and ethics from when I was born. I know the cardinal rule is to "do unto others as done to you". However in this instance, I kinda slipped a little bit.

I told my Mom that the person who read that article was probably some crazy Christian who still thinks that people who are gay are going straight to hell because of the Bible's Leviticus 18:22 stating it to be an abomination. (We've all heard it a million times before) Granted, she doesn't think all gay people are going to hell, but she does think there's something wrong with it.

I also told her I was appalled that she still thinks like that considering she's been living in Southern California for almost 40 years, especially since we're surrounded by such a diverse population.

I do appreciate the fact that she LOVES Jay and FB. She's known FB for what...13 years now, and she's always happy to join us in chatting, eating, or singing karaoke. :) (Jay, she wants to bust out the machine again!)

I just hate the fact that she assumes all gay men (or women for that matter) are all sexually promiscuous. I honestly think she imagined the movie like this:

(scene) 2 men on a mountain
man 1: "hi.. I'm gay."
man 2: "let's go up there and have butt sex!"
man 1: "fun!"
(end of scene)

This brought on a 1/2 hr conversation, at which either of us really found a happy conclusion.

And then my sister came home...with a the "Brokeback Mountain" DVD in hand. Let's see how this goes.