Monday, April 03, 2006

You're Confusing Her!

As many of you already know, I have some issues with Jason's Mom. Mind you this is not just a typical "my mother in-law is a jerk" kind of issue. She REALLY is a jerk. I'm actually using the word "jerk" though I could use more vulgar words that would be more appropriate.

The other day, I was stuck in traffic while driving to The Block at Orange . Nothing was on the radio, no stupid people to stare at in traffic, Lily was sleeping, and I had to pee. I was really hoping for a distraction when Jason's Mom called me on my cell phone. Normally, I would just ignore the phone call, but since I was bored and needed to get my mind off of "I need to pee.. I need to pee..", I picked up the call.

The conversation started off like it normally does, she does the "hi.. how are you" and I say, "fine.. you?" then she continues with the ho-hum blah blah blah about her life and tries to bring your mood down to the pit of the earth so you feel like you want to die at the end of the conversation kind of talk. At the end of her sob story she asked, "So.. how's Liliana?" and I responded with, "Lily is great.. she's trying to roll over and she giggles and coos and.." and then she cut me off mid-sentence with, "You know, Lily is NOT her name. Her name is LILIANA." (No shit, Sherlock.) She continued with, "...I don't think it's right you call her 'Lily' and not 'Liliana' because you'll confuse her."

Okay... (deep breath) At that specific moment, I really wanted to tell her to kiss my ass, but I witheld and said, "You know, that's funny because growing up, my Dad called me 'Mina' and not Armi, but when people came up to me and asked me what my name was, I knew what to say. My little sister's nickname was Sari, but she knew that when she went to preschool, 'Sarah' was the name she wrote on her papers." She said, "Well, if that's the type of thing you want to teach her, then fine. I guess that's just the kind of mother you are.". My response... "Oh, by the way, Jason told me that when he was a child, you called him 'Jay' to distinguish his name from his brother, Justin. Did that confuse him? Did he know to respond to Jason, or was he confused??? And isn't your real name Terri, not Lynne? Are YOU confused with your name?
She then had a lack of a response, so she opted to get off the phone. After we hung up, I THEN told her to kiss my ass. Too bad she wasn't there to hear it. Boo.
The whole point of this conversation was conpletely ridiculous. If I want to call my daughter, "shitface" I can call her "shitface". She's MY daughter. Granted, that would be cruel.. but you get the point.

I'm Still Here...

A thousand apologies to those few who still click onto my blog page. Yes, I'm still alive. I am however, VERY busy and it seems as if the hours in a day are no longer 24, they are 20, 15, 12...

I have so many things to write about, I've just been lagging. I'll work on a good one soon!!!

Armi :)