Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nick Verreos

I've been watching A LOT of Project Runway lately. It's been looping on the Bravo channel for weeks and weeks and weeks. Sadly, I must admit that although I've seen all the episodes, I'm still intrigued each time I watch.

I'm not jumping on any bandwagon here, but I LOVE Nick Verreos. I googled him and found the most interesting things about him. I didn't know he taught at FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. I was actually there on Valentine's Day, because Jason thought it would be cute to bring me to their boutique where all the students bring their work to be sold. Nice thought, though it ended up being alot of Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe clothing that was donated or damaged. Unfortunately, I'm not that good at sewing, so repairing clothing was not an option. While I was there, I wanted to sneak a peek in the school, but the school had MAD security, so if you weren't faculty or a student, then you really couldn't be there. Boo.

Wow... tangent.

So anyway, my favorite of all the designers is Nick. I think his clothing is awesome, though with my leftover pregnant fluffiness, I'm not sure his designs would look all that great on me. I found that his clothing is sold in these really expensive boutiques in Silverlake and Beverly Hills, so I'm probably not going to visit.

I did find out that my 2nd favorite designer, Andrae Gonzalo also has a shop in Chinatown, which I'm planning on going to this weekend. I want to buy one of those "I'm So LA" shirts he wore on the show.

Anyhoo... call me a fool, call me obsessed, but it's really because I'm cooped up in this house. :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Man in the White Coat

I took Lily to the Doctor's office for her 2 month checkup. (Yikes, she's 2 months already!) I had my list of questions I needed to ask, one of them being when she's going to get her shots.

The beginning of her checkup was pretty standard... she weighed in at 11 lbs and 4 oz, so she gained 3 pounds in a month and a half. She also grew an inch and stands (or lays down is more appropriate) at 22.5 inches.

When the rest of the exam was over, I asked him about the shots and a nurse came into the room with a tray of 4 syringes and needles.

I was sooo not prepared for what was going to happen with the shots. If any of you have been there with children receiving shots, you know it isn't a happy thing. In fact, it's heartbreaking. The doctor told me that we could administer the shots 2 ways:
1- He gives her 4 shots (one at a time) and she cries for a longer period of time
2- I hold her thigh and he gives her 2 shots at the same time. Essentially, she'll still get 4 shots, but it'll be faster and over a lot quicker.

I opted for #2.

For those who haven't met Lily, she's a VERY happy baby. She talks and coos and pretty much allows anyone I allow to hold her without getting really fussy. She has these great big expressive eyes and shows she's really interested in her surroundings. Everyone tells me I'm sooooo lucky for having such a content baby. They say I have it easy. Honestly, I think I do, too.

So when the doctor asked me to hold her thigh, I did. He placed one syringe in each hand (wow... talented) and inserted both in her thigh at the same time. Lily screamed bloody murder. IT WAS THE SADDEST MOST HEARTBREAKING CRY I'VE EVER HEARD. It was so sad, I was tearing because she was so sad.

Then he asked me to hold her other thigh. (SHIT!)

So I did. And teared up more.

The exam was over, and I was very glad. I held Lily for about 10 minutes to get her to calm down, though I was still a little bit emotional still. Her crying was so exhausting to her she knocked out for the next 4 1/2 hours. I gave her a little baby tylenol for the pain, and she was good.

Once I got home, I called Jason at work and told him what had happened and how sad it was to see her cry and wail the way she did. While I was telling him, I got a little emo and teared up again. As he tried to comfort me, I told him in tears, "Next time she gets shots, you have to be there so she doesn't hate me for bringing her to the man in the white coat!!!" He laughed.