Saturday, February 25, 2006


I typed an entry a few days ago and forgot to post it. Oops. I've been all over the place lately, dealing with health insurance paperwork, fraudulent purchases on my credit cards, a recent death in the family (previous post), and to top it all off, Lily caught a cold and I don't know where from.

A few random thoughts:

People who make fraudulent purchases on other people's credit should be shipped to a remote island with only dry granola.

I hate filling out paperwork that makes no sense.

I'm tired of people dying in my family.

Babies with colds are NOT happy.


I drove out to Upland yesterday with Sari and my Mom. Our grandfather is home on hospice care and we're preparing for his death.

It's really sad for several reasons... I took a step back and looked at everyone at the house. I started having flashbacks of what it was like when my Dad died. Everyone came to the house and tried to keep us company or to distract us from feeling so glum. We all had our "turn" in visiting our grandpa and saying our respected goodbyes. I told him the same thing I told my Dad, "If you want to go now, then go. Don't wait around for us, because we'll be okay. We'll take care of each other..". I think that's the thing about Acosta men; they're not the greatest at showing feelings, but when it came down to it, they provided and protected their family.

My Auntie Darlene kept asking me, "So is this what it was like with your Dad?". Yes, it is. In the end however, I was glad I was there for my Dad... I was holding his arm when he took his last breath, and I wouldn't give that moment away for anything in the world. I'm hoping she finds the same peace and closure I did.