Thursday, February 16, 2006

To Snowboard, or Not to Snowboard...

So everyone and their mamas (not mine, though) are going snowboarding and I'm jealous. One of the reasons I love winter (besides the fact that I like the clothing better during the colder season) is the SNOWBOARDING!!!

Last winter, I got to go all of twice, which sucked ASS because I was swamped with work at the Bean. (miss you guys, by the way) My homo in the closet asswipe DM had me training 2 MITs (yes, two), teaching Coffee and Tea classes, doing audits in San Diego to Manhattan Beach, writing his GM evaluations (which aren't even my responsibility) all during the HOLIDAY SEASON. Boo on him. I hope karma is totally kicking his ass, by the way. Anyhoo (random rant), so I remember thinking to myself that NEXT winter season, I'll go back to normal and go at least a billion times like I used to with my sisters and homie for life Derek.

Then I got pregnant.

So now, everyone is going snowboarding without me. I've been invited, but I feel so guilty for leaving Lily. Sh*t, I feel guilty for going to Target without her. I went to Home Depot with my sister the other day to get some paint and we were gone for maybe 2 hours or so and I started to get antsy because I missed her.

It's amazing the reaction I get when she sees me, though. It's funny.. sometimes people will want to hold her and if she's uncomfortable with them, she'll get a little fussy. When they return her to me, she gets quiet and snuggles her head into my arms (or breasts if she's hungry). It's cute.

The season will be over sometime in March (pending on the weather), and I've promised myself that I'll go ONCE, which will probaby be at the end of the season when the snow is all man made, slushy, and just crappy.