Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bagels=Brian McKnight and Cingular=Ricky Bell

The other day, Jason and I went to Western Bagel in Northridge. I was in one of those blah moods because I barely got any sleep due to the little kid who wanted to eat almost every hour. Anyhoo, so I stood at the counter for what seemed like a hour (more like 10 minutes) and I realized I forgot to get one of those ticket number things. I would have remembered it had this really tall black guy not blocked the ticket dispenser. He was mid conversation with this girl so I tried to go around him and grab the ticket, but my blahness got in the way of my coordiation so I ended up bumping into him. Oops. I said, "excuse me.. sorry!" and gave him my "my bad" smile. He looked at me and said, "Sure, no problem." I looked at him for a sec, thought to myself, "hmm... homie looks like Brian McKnight" and then dismissed the thought. As I was paying for the bagels, these older women were staring at him as he left with his bagel. I thought, "staring women..." then asked them, "That was Brian McKnight, huh?" and one of them said, "YEAH, AND YOU TOUCHED HIS BOOTY!" Hilarious.

Yesterday, I went to visit Jason at work. One of his employees was selling a phone to a customer, and he caught my eye. I thought to myself (alot of thinking, huh?), "Hey... that guy looks like Ricky Bell." This time however, I didn't dismiss the thought and found myself dumbly staring at him. Jason caught me staring at him and thought that I thought he was hot and had the nerve to check him out in front of him. (Yeah, whatever.. I just had your baby, nerd!) Homie bought a phone, and left. I asked Cesar (the employee helping him) what that guy's name was. Cesar said, "Ricardo..." I said..."Was his last name Bell???" and he said, "Yeah, why?" Okay, not to be one of those really lameass people, but DUDE!!! That was Ricky Bell from New Edition and the short lived BBD (Bell Biv Devoe). Yes, some people may think I'm a total retard for listing to them, but their music ranks up there for me. (I was listening to them when I wrote my last blog, in fact.)

The part of the story that kinda sucked was that when I tried to explain to Cesar who he was and why I was so excited, he looked at me and said, "Who's New Edition?". That made me feel old. I asked him, "How old are you again?" He's 20. Whatever... your music taste sucks, that's all. No soul. Boo.

Anyhoo, I was just excited to learn he lives in the neighborhood and helped Jason's region that one step closer to his sales goal. :)

Friday, February 10, 2006

REALLY... How Stupid Are You?

Okay... I know I'm a little late on posting a comment on this picture, as it was taken almost a week ago, but again, I'm busy as hell and I do what I can do when I can.

As the title states, "REALLY...How Stupid Are You???". I really question this one. We all know she's not the smartest woman in the world, marrying a man who left his other (who was 7 months pregnant) and then proceeded to have his child. She ranks on the stupidity chart amongst Sheryl Crow (though I do like her music) who dated Lance Armstrong after he left his wife and children for her WHILE HE WAS STILL MARRIED. (But that's a whole other story.)

Britney states, "I was terrified that this time the physically aggressive paparazzi would put both me and my baby in danger." She added, "I instinctively took measures to get my baby and me out of harm's way...

So you jump into a car and speed away without putting your child into a car seat and you yourself don't put your seatbelt on. Yeah... that's smart.

And now the news in my neighborhood...

An employee of the Toys 'R Us in Porter Ranch, Calif., a suburb of Los Angeles, told TMZ that Spears and her assistant were there on January 15 to purchase a car seat and a stroller. The employee told TMZ the manager installed the seat in the assistant's vehicle.
Since the windows are heavily tinted, it's unclear what Spears did once inside the vehicle. But as the door shuts, the baby is clearly on her lap, and not in a car seat.
The Toys 'R Us employee did not know if his manager removed an old car seat before installing the new one. If he did not remove an old one, it raises the question -- how was the baby secured on the ride to the store?

I do know that it takes me at least 2-3 minutes to get my baby properly installed into her car seat... Does that girl just not learn???

There's a video out there under AOL and TMZ... if you search for Britney, you can watch the video.

I hate stupidity. Boo.