Thursday, February 02, 2006


I took pictures of Lily taking her first bath. I might have a biased opinion, but I think they're adorable. :)

My sister laughed and said to me, "You took blackmail pictures???" I said, "Blackmail pictures? What do you mean?" (I had planned on scrapbooking the pics.) She said, "You can use them later when she goes on dates... just say, 'You want to see naked baby pictures of Lily?' (your date) just to make sure she's good."

I never thought of that, though it's a good idea. Ha ha. :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I can't help it... as I've said it before, I'm very particular about cleanliness and organization. You can ask Jason, any family member, or former employee of mine. I had a place for everything and systems for organization. Some feel it borders OCD, but eh, that's just me.

When I found out I was pregnant, that cleanliness kicked into overdrive due to that whole "nesting" thing. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, and nothing ever seemed that it was clean enough. Yes, I got on Jason's nerves, but hey.. at least the house looked good.

I let down on that whole cleanliness thing after I had Lily. I was still in pain from the C-section incision and needless to say, very busy with Lily so I had no time. Now that it's been a month since the delivery and I'm kinda getting into the swing of things being a mommy, that nesting thing is kicking in again.

Today, I woke up feeling great and took a look at my surroundings... it was okay. Was I satisfied? No way. I started the laundry, got out the broom, a bunch of rags, glass cleaner, wood cleaner and polish, and the vacuum. After I started cleaning, I turned on the vacuum and IT WOULDN'T WORK! It was like all hell broke loose. I had a cow and yelled at Jason to fix it. He stared at me and had this odd grin on his face. I asked, "why are you looking at me like that?" and he responded with, "umm.. you're yelling at me for a vacuum. Take a nap."

So I did. :)

I felt better and refreshed so I thought I'd attempt to do more cleaning. I avoided the vacuum for obvious reasons and finished my work for the day. Jason came back from running errands and said to me, "hey... the place looks good! But... why didn't you vacuum?" I gave him a "you're stupid" look. Turns out, he fixed the vacuum while I was napping.

I'll vacuum tomorrow, in addition to more laundry, washing the dog, cleaning the bathrooms... blah blah blah.