Friday, December 09, 2005

What Time is It???

I don't know why I'm up at 5:23am. I suppose it would make more sense if I just got up, but that's not the case. I can't go to sleep and it sucks. You'd think I'd be so extremely tired that I'd have no problem falling asleep, right? I've been tossing and turning in bed trying to fall asleep but baby is kicking and kicking and it's making it a bit hard for me to do so.

I'm not even sure if I'm typing in coherent sentences. Am I?

The computer monitor is kinda blurry. Eesh.

On a related note, my Doctor told me that baby's due date is pushed back to the 28th. I understand it's only a 4 day extension from the original due date, but I'm getting really antsy and well... tired, which brings me back to... "why am I up at 5:27am?".

Monday, December 05, 2005

Random Photo Blog

So I've been doing alot of cooking lately, which you can see in the following pictures. FB and J6 came by the other day to check on me, and we ended up having this whole food montage thing that night. I don't recall eating that much in a VERY LONG TIME. Enjoy!

Our theme for the evening was butter. I know, it sounds interesting, perhaps even disgusting. We, on the other hand, had a blast. When you get the 3 of us in a kitchen, it can get very dangerous.

We started out with a yellow BUTTER cake. We topped it off with a chocolate frosting that had BUTTER in the mix. Jay tried flipping it prior to frosting the cke, but it broke in half. It ended up looking like the next picture. :)

It looks funny, but OH MY... it was SO GOOD!!!

This is my creation. I was watching the Food Network (as I usually do) and got this really awesome roasted chicken recipe. I made it earlier that week while I was on the phone with FB. He heard the crackling noise as it was cooking in the background, so I decided to make it again that night. Yum...

Please note that it requires a stick of BUTTER per chicken. You make this BUTTER rub with rosemary, dill, and Italian parsley and rub it all over the chicken skin, under the chicken skin, and some on the inside. It has lemon, an onion, garlic, salt, and pepper stuffed on the inside to keep it moist. Food Network kicks ass!
We also made garlic mashed potatoes with BUTTER and dinner rolls baked with BUTTER. My sister made a salad with NO BUTTER, but grabbed some fresh avocados from the tree in the backyard. The avocados tasted like BUTTER. :)

We thought about adding BUTTER to the rice, but we thought that would be pushing it too far.

My sister made this kickass homemade gravy from all the chicken drippings and BUTTER that was cooked off of the bird. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I shop at the Asian market every once in a while because you can find the best snacks there. I bought a bag of Shrimp Chips (they were my favorite when I was a kid) for FB because I know he doesn't eat when he's at school. He thought they were disgusting. Oops. I went back the other day and found a bag of Cheese... uh... CHIZ Curls. They made me laugh. I love the fact that they used the accent. I picture my mom saying "chiz" when I see the bag.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Chiz Curls are good. They taste like Cheetos. :)

I was playing with my digital camera because its still a novelty to me. This is my belly last month. I've grown significantly since then.

And finally, a picture of my Jason and our puppy, Ginger. She's almost 1 year old now. Cute, huh? :)

And that concludes my photo blog....

Remember... BUTTER makes everything better. :)