Friday, November 25, 2005

Sooo Full

It's early Friday morning. Why am I awake????

Jason had to be at work at 7am, so he woke up at 5ish. The cats were running around and my fat cat, Stitchy jumped on the bed and decided he wanted to step on my nipple. Ouch.

The phone rang at 5:30am. Nobody responded on the other end. That's stupid. Why call at such an ungodly hour to not say anything? Boo to the person who called.

As Jason prepared to leave the house, he knocked over a vase and it tumbled into the sink. I giggled because he tried so hard not to wake me up. He then walked over to kiss me and the belly goodbye.

I tried going back to sleep, but the Lilo jumped onto the bed and stepped on my other nipple.

So here are my random thoughts for the morning:
-Why are the cats suddenly stepping on my nipples?
-I think I'm still stuffed from eating so much yesterday (oh.. but it was sooo good). Who knew fried turkey was so good?
-How come everyone in the house left before 5am to go shopping and didn't wake me up? Rude!
-I love how Jason wakes me up in the morning just to kiss me and the baby goodbye.

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Holy Cow!

So I've come to a realization that I only have 5 more weeks of being pregnant left. I've been soooo uncomfortable lately, and sleeping (or trying to seems more accurate) is getting more and more difficult by the day.

My body hurts... my hips are widening, and my belly is getting bigger and bigger. I went Thanksgiving grocery shopping at Gelson's the other day with my sister and noticed that people kept staring at me while I walked by them. I was confused. Did I have a booger hanging off my nose or something? Am I having THAT bad of a hair day? Then my sister told me that they're staring at my belly because it looks... well... huge. I didn't really think about that, until I saw a few pictures of me...
Yeah, if I saw the lady with the watermelon under her dress, I'd stare, too.