Monday, November 14, 2005

Yes, I'm Asian

My sisters and I were at a Chinese restaurant and noticed the family sitting behind us were taking pictures. We thought it was actually kinda funny because we came to a realization that Asian people always seem to have a camera on them.

Coincidentally, I (being Asian myself) also had a camera on me. :) We decided to go with the flow and take a picture of ourselves at the restaurant, too. It was good times.

We even got pictures of someone's ass in the background.
This is just a random photo of a sign that was posted on the side of my neighboring Taco Bell.

I get really annoyed when people don't utilize proper grammar, especially when it comes in a corporate email or something. I had this District Manager who refused to use spell check before she sent out emails. I'd edit them and send them back. It was an assholeish thing for me to do, but again... it was my pet peeve. I don't know why it bothers me so much... it just does.

I bought this book, Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Tuss. If you share my opinion on grammatical/punctuation errors, this book can be really entertaining. If not, then you probably just figured out I'm a huge dork. :)

Lazy Monday....

Hello everyone...
I just found the data transfer cable thing that came with my digital camera, so here are a few pictures I've been wanting to post for a while.

These are random shots of my baby shower....
This is a picture of Jason putting his cucumber in the stockings as he prepares for the penis game. Good times. :)
You can see FB waaay in the back. He couldn't control his penis. :)

Oh look, Jason is winning...

We got lots of presents. :)
As you can see, Jason wasn't as excited to open all the presents as I was.
I'm off to go shopping in Camarillo today... more random pictures to come! :)
Happy Monday, Everyone!