Wednesday, November 09, 2005


My sister took these pictures while we were at C&O's Trattoria for my sister Myra's birthday. I thought they were funny, so here you go...

Everyone had a good time eating and drinking wine except for me. You can see my little sister gleaming with joy as she gets tipsy. Jason thought it was just fun to stick his head in the picture. Nerd.

Monday, November 07, 2005


My boyfriend pointed out a very disgruntling commercial to me the other day... Have any of you seen the adult butt wipe commercial where toothpaste is used to simulate shit? Charmin, the toilet paper brand I normally use has come out with wipies for adults! This is actually a cool idea, because I am a neat/clean freak, however the commercial was soo disturbing to watch.

In the commercial, a hand is displayed with a significant amount of toothpaste on it. Regular toilet paper is used to remove the unwanted toothpaste, but it leaves this slimy green sheen on the hand. To remove the odd looking green substance, they use the Charmin wipies to FULLY clean the hand.

My notes:
  1. If you still have shit on your ass after you wipe, then you need to wipe your ass more than once.
  2. Please use more toilet paper. Do not reuse the original sheets. (they did that on the commercial)
  3. I will never look at toothpaste the same EVER again. And the fact that I normally use striped minty (green) toothpaste just made it worse because now I think my toothpaste has the same consistency as my poo.

Thank you, Charmin company. You suck.