Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Drink Up!

After talking to friends and reading everyone's blogs for the weekend, I have come to a realization of how much drinking I am missing out on! :(

Matt S. from Chip Chat had this AWESOME weekend partying it up at his school's homecoming. Sounded like it was waay too much fun. Jealous.

Sarah, my little sister is never one to pass up a drink. Here she is, drinking her favorite beer, Red Stripe.

My friends back in Long Beach had this BBQ thing going on and since I was under the weather, I sat at home and blew my nose till it got really sore. They called me in the middle of the fiesta to tell me how much they missed me, though. They, of course, were drinking.

Instead of feeling bummed out (oh those horomones), I decided that I'd take a break from cleaning and do some scrapbooking. While I was sifting through old pictures, this was the first one that I found in my photo box. Go figure, huh?

Thought I'd share the giggle. :)


So my Mom is the coolest, (ask Jay... he loves her best when she's singing karaoke) but her decorating style is a little bit...umm... terrible. We've been doing alot of work around the house (I am SO TIRED of cleaning!), which has been fun (picking colors and frames, molding and wood types, furniture...) but OH MY, it's been really hard for my sister and I to convince her that "no Mom, that forest green would not look nice next to that brick because it would look like Christmas all year round" and "Mom, I don't think that WHITE WHITE carpet in a house that usually has alot of people coming would be good, unless you want me to shampoo the carpets every week... maybe a paler tan?".

But it's been fun nonetheless. And besides, when Jason (my poo poo head) and I buy our own house (which apparently is coming faster than I thought), I'll have a better sense of decorating style for our own place.

I caught a cold this weekend... I'm bitter. I LOVE the rain. It's been really nice to have a change in the 100 degree weather pattern we've had lately. Jason and I go to sleep cuddling and listening to the thunder. I wanted to wake up and semi-frolic in the rain, but I'm already stuffy and sniffly, that I'll have to postpone that for the next time I'm not sick and/or pregnant. Oh well.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!