Friday, October 14, 2005

Paint Fumes... Breathe In!

Wow... The paint fumes wafting in the house are incredibly potent right now and I'm feeling a little... umm... icky.

The painters came to the house 3 days ago to start working on the house. I'm really hoping the work is completed soon. The original plan was to have the 1/2 of the house that was affected by the water damage fixed, but my brilliant sister thought that since we were going to have the house fixed, then have the entire thing fixed. Umm... okay.

The Original Plan:
  • fix the baseboards
  • replace the damaged wood floors
  • repaint the rooms with damaged walls (3 brm, 1 ba)
  • repaint the hallway
  • replace water heater

The New Plan:

  • paint the entire house (both inside and out) Mind you this really isn't that big of a deal, but since the fumes are bugging me, I've come to a realization that the house is 3500 sq ft, not including the guest house in the back.
  • refinish all the flooring (all common areas are wood floors, and I'm not looking forward to the fumes from the wood finish)
  • remodel the kitchen
  • get new furniture for the guest bedroom and my little sister's room
  • get rid of old furniture and knick knacks and donate to Goodwill/Out of the Closet.

Normally, I'd think this would be awesome, but HOLY HELL, I forgot how long it takes to pack up donation stuff, move boxes, set up new rooms, etc... (not to mention the physical effort). It's been about a week, and we're sooo not even close to getting all the boxes packed and moved.

I'm thinking it'd be best if I hid in the guest house in the back... what do you think? :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Is That Like A Shoe?

Short and quick one for today because the house is in the process of being fixed from the water heater fiasco a few weeks ago. I'm glad the work is actually in progress now, because I started to get a little worried the place would look like crap during my baby shower.

So my little sister wanted to know how much she walked throughout the day for exercise purposes, so she asked my Mom if she could pick up a pedometer at the hospital. (My Mom is a nurse and gets stuff from the hospital ALL the time... individual packets of tylenol, syringes, whatever). This is how the conversation went:

Sari: "Mom, can you get me a pedometer from work?"
Mom: "Is that like, a shoe?"
Sari: "Umm... no." and continue to giggle hysterically for about 10 minutes as my Mom was confused as to what was so funny.

My Mom is a really smart woman. She's been a nurse for over 40 years, and has a Masters Degree in Nursing. Sometimes, her "FOB" just gets in the way and she ends up sounding really lame. We often laugh at her during these moments. *If you have a parent with an accent, I'm sure you've imitated them, full accent and all, for entertainment purposes.

And that's been the punchline for anything funny these past few weeks... just thought I'd share. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

You Do What????

So my little sister has me really interested in this myspace thing. It really is a great way to look up people of your past, or get to know others as they are now. (FB and I had a great day looking up people we hated in high school. We were hoping someone in particular would end up being a crack whore or something, but unfortunately, he ended up being the same... stupid and self-centered.)

Anyway, so I was looking at a friend's profile, and looked at their friends' profiles, and found someone I've known since the 8th grade, but haven't heard from him since we graduated. I noticed the picture right away because...well, he looked really hot. His picture was black and white, shows only torso up, but he was naked. Not trashy at all, actually. It was actually like those really cool pictures Jason puts on his blog, Jason's Room. So I clicked onto the picture and read his profile...blah blah blah. He's the lead personal trainer at a gym, which makes sense, and then I see this company below called, "LaBareHollywood" . I think to myself, "what's that?", so I googled it and found out its a strip club. We now talk every once in a while, and I even promised one of our mutual friends that we'd go watch him at the club sometime.

I know this really isn't a big deal, but doesn't it kinda shock you to see how people have developed or matured since you last remember them? It's always interesting to me to see what we've become. for thought.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone! :)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hooray for Digital Cameras!

One of my big purchases to prepare for the upcoming baby is a digital camera. I've been putting it off for a while, but the other day I just couldn't resist.

I strolled into Best Buy with my sisters to buy the prizes for my baby shower games. While I paroozled the store, I ended up stopping at the digital cameras. I found the one I wanted and made my big purchase.

To commemorate the purchase, these are the stupid pictures I've been taking to practice and understand the functions of the camera. Enjoy! :)

Lilo gets caught trying to steal my purse. She denied the incident, but the incriminating photo cannot be challenged.

Stitch doesn't like taking pictures, so here he is giving me stink eye.

I came across this old old old old old photo of FB and I. This is our 1996 homecoming picture. We had this purple theme going on... purple dress, purple tux (how hot is he in this picture!), and he had purple streaks in his hair (though you really can't tell in the picture).

I am amazed at how flat my tummy is. Damn! I can report however, that my breasts have grown due to baby weight. Asian genetics... boo.

We had the best time that night, though. Good times. :)

So hooray for my digital camera!