Thursday, September 15, 2005

Are We Really THAT Old???

Yesterday, I got to spend the day with my favorite people, those people being my sister, FB, and my boyfriend (the poo poo head). We really didn't do anything spectacular, but after thinking about it, I had a really good day. At the end of the day, while talking and playing Tetris on that damn Nintendo, I've come to realize all the things FB and I have done throughout the years. He brought on this thought when he kept on saying "we're so old...oh shit... we're so old...".

So FB, this is for you...
  • Remember when we met in HS and immediately got along REALLY REALLY well? Regardless of my cheerleaderness and "hi...I'm in this club and this club, and I'm in ASB...." you still didn't think I was as stuck up as I could have been. :)
  • Remember when my stupid boyfriend at the time cheated on me then dumped me for the druggie bitch and I was so scared he gave me a disease that you ditched school with me to go get tested at the hospital?
  • Remember how we ate breakfast at Carl's Jr. and you made me laugh so hard I forgot why we ditched school in the first place?
  • Remember when we found out we were going to dance with each other in "Anything Goes" and how excited we were to rehearse together?
  • Remember the time you put high heels in your shirt and poked me in the side with them when we had to do the lift in the dance number?
  • Remember how I fell off the end of the whip and rolled into a tree? (ouch)
  • Remember when you put my makeup on for "Guys and Dolls" and used blue eyeshadow to make me look like a whore?
  • Remember how I tried to make your nose look huge when you were Harry the Horse, and you had to fix it because all I did was make it look like you had a black eye?
  • Remember going to homecoming together and having SUCH A GOOD TIME? *you were the best date, by the way.
  • Remember our matching purple outfits?
  • Remember going to Albertson's after the dance to get ice cream and asking the gorilla why he was buying so many bananas?
  • Remember coming out and my response was, "umm.. yeah, I know."
  • Remember going to Disneyland for my birthday with everyone and getting our indian names?
  • Remember the trip we all took to "Bob's Classy Lady" and seeing that stripper's vagina move like it was talking?
  • Remember how you drove out from Valencia to Torrance to help me on my shift because 3 of my baristas called in sick?
  • Remember going to "sushi happy hour" in Redondo Beach and eating till "we got our money's worth"?
  • Remember my reaction when I saw your muscles after you were working at the metal shop for a while?
  • Remember how you took MY COUSIN to see Tina Turner, and I was like, "what the f*ck?"
  • Remember how you made it up to me and WE got to see Tina Turner together? :)
  • Remember the time you told me that you lost your virginity and I was like, "WHAT??? HOW??? HUH???"
  • Remember clubbing in WeHo at Axis and getting so excited we got to dance on the platform?
  • Remember the man offering you a dancing job with the banana costume?
  • Remember how we used to play Bingo with the drag queens?
  • Remember cake and coffee at The Abbey before it became a bar?
  • Remember how excited I was to get my own apartment and us breaking it in with our first commemorative dinner?
  • Remember the time we discovered Nad's????? (ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch)
  • Remember the time we went exploring in Belmont Shore in the hopes to find gay people?
  • Remember the time we finally found them???
  • Remember how much we laughed at the Margaret Cho shows?
  • Remember how our vocabulary consisted of only Margaret Cho imitations?
  • Remember how patient and understanding you were when I thought Chris was the best boyfriend ever, then being so direct so I could really see how stupid and blind I was?
  • Remember my reaction when my my sisters were like, "I miss *** (Your name)...Oh, he's coming over? Yeah!"
  • Remember sitting at the window seat at the Belmont Coffee Bean and seeing Jason's ass walk by?
  • Remember how I flipped out when I lost my job and you told me they were stupid and everything was going to be okay? Oh... you were right, by the way.
  • Remember how I flipped out when I found out I was pregnant and you flipped out, too?
  • Remember how fun it was to eat chicken and waffles???

My list could go on and on, but I'll stop now. Throughout the years you have been a rock to me. Had I not met you in HS, my life would really be different. I don't think I'd be as cultured or intelligent...I don't think I'd be as open-minded as you taught me to be...I don't think I'd have a very good fashion sense, or healthy hair. :)

You are my best friend, and I hope you know that regardless of how lame people are, I'll always be there to listen and remind you of how much better of a person you are than them.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Happy $1.00 Chicken McNugget Day!

Yes yes yes, it's Tuesday again, and do you know what that means??? Yes, it's
Chicken McNugget Tuesday at McDonald's!!
My boyfriend was famished this morning and couldn't decide what he wanted to eat. I randomly asked him what the day was (and I don't even remember why), and he responded, "ummm.. Tuesday.". He gasped and his big blue eyes widened. At that moment, I realized, "Oh shit, he's gonna want to get more of those damn nuggets."

Funny story:
A few weeks ago, my boyfriend REALLY wanted CMcNugs, so my sister and I trekked out to the local McDonald's to get a 6 piece. When we got to the drive thru, my sister decided she wanted some, and I wanted a chocolate cone. So we ordered 3- 6 pc CMcNugs, and a chocolate cone. We paid, and drove up to the second window to pick up our order. We received the 3 packs of CMcNugs, and no cone. The window person said, "Did you get your order?". I said, "Not everything.". He said, "Oh... hold on". We waited 5 minutes and got another bag of 5 packs of CMcNugs, and still no cone. I said, "umm.. I'm waiting for my cone...". We ended up going home with 8 packs of nuggets and a cone for $4.00. Wow...

So we got home, and I ended up having a few nuggets. My sister ate her 6, and
Okay... that's just gross. He struggled, but got through it, and swore he wouldn't have anymore till his arteries cleared up.
Have any of you seen "Super Size Me"?
It'll make you NEVER want McDonald's... until you crave a Big Mac or something a few weeks later. Watch it... it's funny and gross all at the same time.
Hey... my boyfriend's home... and no, he didn't get McNuggets. Good Boy. :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Alphabet MeMe

Hello everyone, and Happy Monday!

I actually had nothing interesting to write today (well, not as of yet), so I decided to fill out the Alphabet MeMe, per the request of the supercool Matt S. Oh, and thanks Ceiting, for reminding me to fill this sucker out. :)

Alphabet MeMe:

A - Age you got your first kiss: Oh that memory... I was 15. :)
B - Band listening to right now: Black Eyed Peas (they're fun!)
C - Crush: Real ones, or the kind that will never happen, like my Diego. What am I talking about? That'll probably happen sometime when I'm in my 30's.
D - Dad's name: Pablo, Paul, Dad... depending on who he was talking to
E - Easiest person(s) to talk to: FB, Brendalicious, Marky Diva Woo
F - Favorite Food(s): Japanese! I miss sushi soooo much. :(
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy Bears. It's fun to bite their heads off. Is that weird?
H - Hometown: Northridge, CA
I - Instruments: Brief (stress on the brief) time when I had to learn how to play the accordion (thanks, Dad), a little piano, and the bells when I was in choir in grade school.
K - Kids: Got one on the way!
L - Longest car ride ever: 24 hours to Spokane, WA. I would NEVER recommend this drive to ANYONE with sane mind. I just about went nuts on that drive with my poo poo head.
M - Mom's name: Lourdes (never Lu, Lulu, or something like that, because my 4'11" mom will kick your ass)
N - Nicknames: Mina, Mae, Amri (stupid telemarketers)
O - One wish: so many to name....
P - Phobia(s): Spiders, heights, being in creepy dark places alone
Q - Quote: "Friends are like melons. Shall I tell you why? To find a good one, you must a hundred try. -Claude Mermet
R - Reason to smile: feeling my baby kick
S - Song you sang last: My Humps, Black Eyed Peas
T - Time you woke up today: 9:35am
V - Vegetable you hate: arugula
W - Worst habit(s): Burping so loud, it scares my boyfriend. (hee hee)
X - X-rays you've had: none to the day
Y - Yummy Candy: Ferrero Rocher and Almond Roca
Z - zodiac sign: Taurus

Sunday, September 11, 2005

What's a Happening, Hot Stuff?

So I have this thing for Diego Luna. I think he's hot. I've seen him in TONS of his films, thanks to my friend, Brendalicious.

I haven't seen him in anything lately, though I found out he's in the process of working on 3 films. Yeah! :)

I was bored the other day (big surprise), and saw that "Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights" was going to be on, so I forced my sister to watch it with me for the umpth time. Each time I watch it, I think to myself:

If you're going to play a Cubano in a movie, you need to work on your accent. I think of all the accents in the Spanish language, the Cuban accent is the hardest one to decipher. When he spoke, I understood everything he was saying because it was very... Mexican.

This guy was WAAAY Cuban in the movie. His accent forced me to read the subtitles when he spoke. :)

I loved "Y Tu Mama Tambien", and I should watch it again soon. (If you haven't watched it, please do so. )

I want to take ballroom dance classes again. (When I have time and a better suited body, of course.) Those few semesters at CSULB were soo much fun, and I loved making fun of those people who thought they were the sh*t but really sucked ass. (Like those dumbasses who tried out for "So You Think You Can Dance" and didn't know what an 8 count was. LAME!)

Patrick Swayze is scary tanned in that movie!!! Please stop tanning, because you're starting to look a little leathery. Oh, but your dancing is still freakin' awesome. Good cameo.

Homegirl's dad in the movie (John Slattery); he's supposed to be a proper businessman and a good husband/father, though I keep thinking, "hey... that's Will's brother (from "Will and Grace"), and he slept with Grace. It seems wrong to see him with Sela Ward in the movie...hmmm...

Diego is saying, "watch my movies.... love me...."

Hope you all had a good weekend, everyone! :)