Saturday, August 13, 2005

Kitty Kitty...Hello Kitty!

If you're a girl, and I guess perhaps some boys, you probably purchased some Hello Kitty paraphenelia, whether it be a pen, stationery, crack pipe, whatever. I went to the the Topanga Plaza for the first time in several years the other day and made a pit stop at the Sanrio Store. As I entered the store, I was greeted with overwhelming pastel plastered everywhere... on the walls, on the floors, in the displays, behind the counter... you get the point. I had no idea there was THAT much Hello Kitty and Friends stuff you could buy! Did you know Hello Kitty has toilet paper? You can buy a 12-pk of 2 ply toilet paper with Hello Kitty on the sheets. I never imagined myself liking Hello Kitty so much I'd want to wipe my ass with her.

Anyhoo... FB, the devil, and I were paroozaling around the store, when Hello Kitty's video came on. Did you know Hello Kitty also has her own video set? She's like the Olsen twins! She makes movies that only comes out on video! The introductory music was a cute little ditty that repeated, "Kitty kitty... Hello Kitty!" Needless to say, FB and I found it to be really funny when the devil found the music to cause his ears to bleed. Funny...

So I got really curious to see how much crap you can find on the fabulous Miss HK, and this is what I found:

Hello Kitty likes to go to the beach. I think her pasty ass needs to put on some sunblock.

Also known for keeping up with her traveling, Hello Kitty also likes to go to London to visit her best friend, Madge. She especially likes public transportation, and prefers taking the pink double decker bus while in the city.

Miss Hello Kitty also loves sports! She went on this trip to Aspen, Colorado last winter not only for the fun, but to also advertise her new snowboard line.

If you are also wondering how she gets the extra cash to do these types of things, remember she is the highest grossing product in Japan's toy history, now expanding to bigger things. Do you know how she manages her kitty cash? With her own freakin' Hello Kitty Credit Cards, of course!

"Kitty Kitty... Hello Kitty!" That stupid jingle is still stuck in my head. Boo.