Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Little Housekeeping...

You might notice I added 2 sites to check out on the sidebar of my blog. One of them is my little sister's MySpace thing, which I find to be very amusing. She's quite entertaining, actually. If you have the time or the patience, check it out. :) My Sister, the Weirdo That's not the official title of her page, though that's what I came up with, so that's what I'm calling it! Oh, in case you're wondering if she's really a weirdo, she kinda is... but aren't we all? The picture is of her... eating. She likes eating... alot. She has this habit of trying to eat whole pieces of things at once. I think the photo is of her eating an entire piece of tres leches cake from a cubano restaurant in Orange, CA.

FB, of the famous J6 & FB did a little guest stint on Breakast at Tiffany's, a new site I just recently started reading. I was quite impressed with the writing done on B at T's.... even with my lack of patience and being uncomfortable, I sat at my computer and read that blog for a while.

Happy reading, everyone! :)

I'm Driving the Bitter Bus

I had a rough night last night. I got into an argument with the devil for lots of random things. Yes, we've all had our disagreements with our significant others, but last night really got to me. We recently moved back to the valley (which is pretty bad in itself) but for good reason. I want to be surrounded by people who know and love me, who will take care of me and advise me when I wigg out with baby. Having baby be the first for me, not only am I anxious and excited, but scared sh**less.

The devil wanted to discuss finances and whatnot, so we can get better prepared with the monetary future with baby's arrival. I thought we'd be discussing a savings plan and perhaps a college fund. His idea of financial planning was looking into purchasing a building for baby so he can have income in the future. WTF??? You see, the devil is ALL about property investment. "I want to purchase this apartment building, or this home in Spokane, WA or Moses Lake, WA or even St. Louis, MO." The problem with these purchases is that in order for us to purchase them, we'd have to be on a plane destined for these locations, none of which I want to be in. I don't know anyone in these areas, and don't think much of them at the current moment because they don't offer any of the things I want at the current moment, like SECURITY or FAMILY or a SUPPORT SYSYEM. Who would want that when they're pregnant? Am I really that crazy to want STABILITY? The worst part about it, is that no matter what I say, all he thinks about is the financial aspect of having the baby.

**Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the financial hardship of raising a child.. my parents had 4 and I watched them work their asses to give us good lives. (thanks, Mom and Dad... I miss you)

Anyway, long story short, he ended up leaving in the middle of the night and was nowhere to be found until about 2pm this afternoon. I am bitter and frustrated and unsure of what to say. I was recently reminded of something stupid this guy had said in an interview.

When questioned what he thought of Brooke Shield's bout with post partum depression, he responded with something like it being in her head and that all she needed to do was take vitamins. Are men really that stupid and ignorant? Do they really have the inability to understand that it takes not only financial responsibility, but emotional support to raise a child? I mean, how many children are out there who had all the money in the world growing up, but had no guidance or love? Did they turn out the greatest? I think not.

So this is where I'm at today... I'm left with stupidity on the brain. Yes, I slapped on the hat and hopped onto the bitter bus.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lazy Lazy Lazy

I woke up today feeling somewhat refreshed. I thought to myself, "I'll get up, get the back house set up, walk my required 30 minutes, make lunch, do laundry, wash my hair....." you get the point. I started by getting up and opening the front door to retrieve the newspaper. Once I opened the door, this massive heat wave attacked me and that feeling of refreshment went down the toilet with my morning specimen. The following is a list of "did you knows" about heat and it's effects on people.
Did you know...
  • obscene heat gives pregnant people headaches, no matter how much water you drink
  • heat makes you want to lay down in the "my cat's a ho" position all day long
  • heat makes you lazy and want to do nothing

I have more to add onto the list, but I have a headache, and I want to lay down with my cat and do nothing.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Back at Home

After 4 days or so (holy hell!) of moving boxes, I can say that I am officially out of my Long Beach apartment. It's very sad to say, but I am almost relieved to let it go.

I've come to a realization that what I want out of my life now is simplicity. While we were cleaning up our dinner plates last night, I asked my sister if I should cut my hair. It was a very Steel Magnolias moment. I remember the scene quite clearly, for I've seen the movie about a billion times, thanks to grade school summer vacation boredom. Julia Roberts just had her baby Jackson, and she had the need to make things as simple as possible for her. Too bad she died soon after Dolly Parton gave her that crappy hair cut. I have no ill feelings for Dolly, though. I figure she's southern and had a hair salon in her backyard, so I'm sure she did what she could. So yes, simplicity.

Long Beach was just too much work for me for some reason. I had no motivation when I was there. I would sleep in for hours upon hours, which wasn't too bad because quite honestly, I've been getting on average about 3 to 4 hours a night when I was working so much. I became so lazy, all I wanted to do was watch TV and nap. Every once in a while, I'd eat or poo, but other than that, that's what I did.

Today I woke up at 9:00am, which is something I haven't done in quite some time. I made some toast, had some juice, fed my cats, and I'm ready to go off and start working on the house. I'm very excited to be back at home. :)