Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cute... Sometimes

I woke up this morning to my Super Cats walking on my legs. They usually greet me and the devil in the morning by jumping into bed with us. Our alarm clock has been replaced by cats licking their respective owner's nose. It's actually cute when you think about it.

I was bored and decided to try out adding pictures to my blog for flare, so here is my first attempt. Here is a picture of the devil being greeted by one of the Super Cats, Stitchy.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Name Game

The devil and I have been trying to figure out a decent name for baby, but with no luck. It's etched in stone that if we're having a girl, she'll be Liliana. If we have a boy, he'll be ______. Nice name, huh? :)
Because we are indecisive and have spent the majority of the time cancelling out each other's suggestions, we call upon all of you for name suggestions. Here is our goal: to find a name for a boy that is somewhat unique (not too common, like Michael or John. If that's your name, no offense.), has a good meaning, and doesn't rhyme or correspond with words that will make him cry. For example: Zack sounds like sack, which will lead him to be called ball sack. I don't know about you, but I don't want my child to come home upset and sad because they kids at school refer to him as testicle. (hee hee... testicle)
So there you go, everyone! We're open to comments and suggestions, so think think think!

The Big 5000

My friends have this awesome blog. If you read mine, you should check theirs out. You can find it at: www.jaysix.blogspot.com. It is sooo much better than the crap I write onto this one. Today, they celebrated their 5,000th hit on their blog so I wanted to send them a big "Hoo Rah!".
I will be asking them for help on pictures and general setup so mine will be much more interesting to read. Be on the lookout... mine will be somewhat decent in the near future. Till then, have a beer (or 4 like my little sister) for me and enjoy your day!