Sunday, July 17, 2005

Super Cat

I've been really uninspired lately, and really haven't had anything interesting to write about. Today, I wracked my brain and came up with nothing again. Frustrated and a little annoyed, I sat at the computer and played Spider Solitaire for about an hour. Sensing I was bored, my two cats jumped onto the desk and decided they wanted to type out a letter to a friend by the name of "an fasujigzvn". The letter said, "io uw0-7896530-5938u30346253i0 kmvgde"ML kr n/ML:"DJB j iklfj tg".

I then thought to myself, if my cats can type out something so imaginative as that, then why can't I? Is it because my brain is slowly deteriorating? Am I in need of Ginko Biloba? Have I watched too much stupid TV? Did the nurse take too much blood at my last appointment? Has the Devil's lameness start to rub off on me? As I try to find an answer to these questions, I'm left at home, bored with my Super Cats.