Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Drama with Mama

I had planned on bumming around today to keep myself entertained. As I was driving to Arby's for my craving of a lifetime, I received a phone call from my Mom. The phone call started out like they usually do; the how are yous were exchanged, as well as the what are you doings. Mom's response however, was different. She replied with, "I'm trying to sleep outside." What??? "Why are you sleeping outside?" "I got locked out, and I can't sleep because the dog keeps licking my face." My poor Mom! My Arby's craving was never satisfied because instead of getting my sandwich, I drove my ass to Northridge to get my Mom in the house. When I arrived, I found her in the backyard, drinking a bottle of water, eating peanuts, and reading the newspaper. She tried sleeping on the bench earlier, but the 95 degree heat wasn't letting it happen. She even tried using a bag of orchid bark as a pillow. Anyhoo, after a shower and a nap, Mom was very happy and very grateful. :)