Friday, July 08, 2005

Holy Crap, it's Hot Here!

I've been in Northridge the past few days to fix up the back guest house. Went to The Home Depot with my peeps to get supplies, like paint, brushes, caulk (ha ha FB), random ish like that. It was yesterday when it dawned on me how hot it is here. Oh my gosh, I thought my ass was going to melt off. (and anyone who knows me knows that's damn near impossible)

With the imfamous FB around, it was difficult to get any work accomplished, so it's quite sad to report that with the past 2 days here, this is what we did.
  • Ate adobo/rice/egg for breakfast
  • Went to get coffee/boba
  • Ate at Las Fuentes
  • Went to 2 IHOPs and and Denny's in search of funnel cake (the devil had a craving)
  • slept (alot)
  • went swimming with BF till it got really dark
  • learned you can make a floatation device out of pants (devil has alot of random information from being a boy scout)
  • renamed the puppy Whitney because she acts like she's on crack (crack is whack, by the way)

I'm wondering if this is how life goes in the Valley... if it is, I've been missing out working so much in Long Beach. :)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Mission Impossible

Let me start by saying I love my family. My sisters and cousins are my best friends. I love hanging out with them because they're funny and make me laugh. We know almost everything about each other and still love one another regardless of our faults and annoying habits.

With that in mind, we've been going back and forth calling each other these past few weeks because there is a particular subject we think is sad, yet really entertaining to hear. My sister is dating this really really stupid guy. So stupid in fact, he doesn't know what the word "heir" is. He doesn't understand the idea that someone can be "Mexican American" or "African American". He steals for weed money. He has no job. He is disrespectful to my sister and our family. He never pays for anything, especially when he's out with my sister. He says he composes music, but the music sounds like a movie score from a movie I recently watched. He comes to our family parties, eats, and never says, "thank you".

So I was having this conversation with my Mom the other day, and she said in her fobby-motherly tone, "Why don't you talk to your sister; get some sense into her." I thought about it, for about a second or two, and decided that if I did, my sister would probably lose it and try to ball change and kick me like she tried years and years ago. (I still find that fight to be so humorous...who tries to kick someone with a pointed toe? Besides, her turn-out was terrible, and the thought of people who dance and think they're good but really suck always makes me laugh.) Anyhoo, after discussion of who should talk to her, she decided that my cousin should be "the counselor". It was then my responsibility to talk to my cousin and get her to talk to lame-o. Score for me, the Impossible Mission, should she choose to accept it, is now on the hands of my cousin. Ha!

We all think my sister is lame. Don't get me wrong; we all love her very very much (even with her crappy turn-out), but seriously... this has to stop. As I was driving with my sisters, M said, "You know, it's not that she's lame, it's him. You know you pick up the habits of the people who you hang around with? She's picking up his stupidity." What genius! A new perspective, but still supports the "oh my god, he has the IQ of a toenail" theory I have. We'll see what the results of our Mission Impossible are....

*On a side note:
I feel badly for writing this, but on the other hand, it almost feels like therapy for me because I don't feel so bad about talking so much crap about her and her stupidity. It also cuts down the money I'm spending on my phone bills. :)