Friday, July 01, 2005

Top 10 Cool Places/ Things to Do in the LBC

I was thinking about my favorite things in Long Beach, so I compiled this list so I don't forget about them when I move away. If you're ever in the area, make sure you go to at least one of these stops!

  1. The Queen Mary at Halloween Granted, I get scared pretty easily, however I almost peed in my pants when I went a few years back. The QM is already haunted, and they let you know which areas have paranormal activity.
  2. Belmont Shore This area is probably one of my absolute favorite places to go. It's like 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica, but less crowd, cheaper, and the people there are more tight-knit. Belmont Shore is also known for it's gay-friendly atmosphere, so if that's your bag, go!
  3. The Creperie Cafe and Bistro Holy Cow... the food here is AMAZING!!!! If you go for lunch, you need to try a lunch crepe (I personally love the French Riviera). It comes with a salad and the portions are good. Garlic fries and the iced tea there are especially good there for some reason.
  4. Sweet Jill's My little sister insists we go to Sweet Jill's when she's craving dessert. Jill makes the BEST cinnamon rolls, cookies, lemon or lime bars, and pastries. A word of advice: NEVER GO WHEN YOU'RE HUNGRY! YOU WILL SPEND TOO MUCH MONEY!
  5. Long Beach Harbor/Vincent Thomas Bridge This area is kinda cool to drive by, just because it's where Nicholas Cage jumped Eleanor over a million cars. You go pretty high up, so if you're scared of heights, be aware.
  6. The Japanese Gardens at CSULB If you appreciate this kind of thing, the gardens here are beautiful.
  7. Naples There are canals and waterways where you can go on gondola rides. The Luigi man dresses up, sings, and you get wine and cheese during the ride. Cool date thing... very popular, but expensive.
  8. Pine Avenue If you want to get drunk and shake your booty cheeks, then this is the place to go. Pine Ave. is filled with clubs, bars, restaurants, little cafes, art galleries, the list goes on...
  9. The Pike Newly refinished, the Pike is like Pine Ave, but it's more of a Universal City Walk type-esque place. It's next to the water, so the weather is better there, too.
  10. Shoreline Village Shoreline Village is a little area by one of the marinas in Long Beach. There are more restaurants (geez.. you think there's more to do in LB than eat, huh?) and shops that sell random crap. There's a store where you can get really good saltwater taffy. Must go. After you eat, there are scales where you can weigh yourself so you can see how fluffy you got. (The scales were actually there so you could weigh your fish or whatever it was you caught that day, but I never see any fish there.....) Bring the kids for a ride on the merry-go-round, or if you're drunk enough, it's fun for adults, too!

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm Not a Clean Freak, I'm just Anal

I've been in management for the latter part of the past 6 years or so. Because of this, I've become accustomed to having things my way. Take it as it is.

I've been going through this somewhat nesting phase the past day or so. I've had this incessant need to clean EVERYTHING. Keep in mind my living space is relatively small, but there are tons of things here and there that needed improvement. So my goal has been to improve my living quarters simply because it makes me feel more comfortable there. This task shouldn't be so hard, right? Wrong... so so so wrong.

My boyfriend is, to put it lightly, NOT CLEAN! He has this "organized mess" theory that works for him. According to him, if you pile random things into a stack on the floor, then he's cleaned. (This is another one of his endearing qualities that make him the Devil again.) I was blessed with an opportunity to clean the apartment the other day when he went out for a few hours to run some errands. So once he left, I busted out my handy dandy vacuum and made a few laps around the place. I looked around the corner and saw my carpet shampooer thingie (that's the technical name) and noticed it was sitting on a cloud, the sun's rays were shining directly upon it, and random choir voices were singing. I had no choice but to fill her up and go. The devil has been trying to stop me from cleaning because he says he doesn't want me to strain myself. (Personally, I think it's really because he feels bad I'm cleaning and he's not.) The shampooer has been banned because he thinks the cleaning solution is bad for me and Lucifer Jr, but I think that's lame; it's just soap. So there I was, shampooing the carpet and pulling up the most disgusting stuff. I was quite content till the Devil came home. He, of course, tried to stop me, but to no avail. I was determined to finish and be happy knowing my feet would be walking on a somewhat cleaner surface.

I forgot about my baby kitties and how they also have this incessant need to clean. I noticed one gingerly walking across the floor and wondered why. I thought, "oh shit.. the floor is wet. Oops..sorry kitties." Then the Devil spoke and said, "if they start licking their paws, they might get sick from the soap in the cleaning solution." I really thought nothing of that, because they're supposed to have such strong stomachs, being scavengers and all. I mean, if they can eat dead birds and insects, they why couldn't their stomachs tolerate a little soap dilutied in a ton on water?

I had forgotten about that mess and have been quite content with the carpeting. It looks fluffier and the stains have been removed. :) Then earlier today, my cat randomly meowed. It sounded kinda painful and I inquired why. I looked over and found Lilo standing in the bathroom, tail quivering. She had this really odd look on her face, which concerned me. I walked up to her, reached out to pet her, and... she farted. Loudly. I was taken aback by the sheer force of the gas her little 7-lb. body had produced. She meowed again, ran into the litterbox, and took the biggest crap. Oops.. so maybe their super stomachs couldn't handle the little soap.

I'm still going through the nesting phase, and doubt it'll stop anytime soon. To be honest, I've always been somewhat of a clean freak, but it was easier before because the Devil wasn't there to distract me. Maybe that's the key... send the Devil away so I can make me a happy home.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

If it's a Boy, We Will Call Him Lucifer Jr.

I've been going through this really odd series of emotions the past few days and I must say, it's quite scary. I recently hung out with 2 of the best and most genuine people I have ever met in my entire life. We've been friends in excess of 10 years, in fact. I felt joy and elation once they walked into my apartment. I laughed while impersonating Cher in the kitchen while the smell of curry chicken filled my 400 sq. ft. apartment. I had some of the best apple pie I've consumed in quite some time. I was surrounded by my friends and family, and to top it off, I kept all of that food down. Score!

Yesterday, I went to the Dodger vs. Padres game with a few of the LBC homies. Had a Dodger Dog and some nachos with gross cheese. Laughed when a guy ran across center field in the middle of an inning and was tackled by the park police. Thought the center fielder (#7) had a great ass. I did my share of walking to and from our BFE parking spot to the stadium. I got home in time to see one of my favorite "Will and Grace" episodes while eating a fudge pop. Again, I kept my food down. Score again!

Today, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Not only did oversleep, but one of my cats had run around my bedroom and knocked over a pile of clothing I had just folded the day before. I had these really random stomach cramps that signaled I needed to poo, but my body is not allowing me to do so. My boyfriend woke up and was grumpy because his suit pants did not fit as well as they had used to. The tightness of his pants were appparently caused by me, which in turn, also causes stupidity. He came home from a positive job interview and will receive a confirmation of a position at a mortgage and loan company in Orange County. He also was offered a position as an apartment manager that offers a free apartment and a good wage. He felt like celebrating with a sandwich, something that did not seem appealing to me. Because of my opposition to a stupid sandwich, I was then deemed prissy and difficult. At that point, I had lost it and decided I hated my boyfriend and I wanted him to die. I was carrying the Devil's baby. I might as well plan on naming the baby Lucifer Jr.

My cousin called me in the middle of my "I hate you" tantrum and laughed. She told me that she had done the same thing, and quite frankly, it's a common thing for this to happen. She said several of her friends said their husbands/boyfriends didn't understand their emotions or feelings, and at one point or another, they all wished death on males. After thinking about this coversation with her, I decided that there are a few things I will rely on during the remainder of my pregnancy: Cher impersonations with my uberfriends, an occasional hot dog, the affirmation that I am much more superior than my devil boyfriend, and the fact that the baby is half me.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Rolling in the LBC

It's amazing how perspective changes when you look at things in hindsight. I've been really antsy lately because I've been wanting to move. Today, my boyfriend officially gave notice to the property manager of the apartment building we live in. I was excited to know that our move is certain, however I realized at the same time how much I've grown to love living in Long Beach.

I drove for 10 minutes and I was at the beach. Granted, it's still Long Beach, but I could have driven the same distance and made it to a cleaner Seal Beach. I went to the beach this morning, and I saw the building Johnny Depp (hi.. he's hot) was arrested in the movie, "Blow". I went to 2nd street and had a REALLY good crepe for lunch. I went to Beanland and got a free drink. These things may seem pretty lame to you, however these are some of the everyday things I see, have been accustomed to, and enjoy on an frequent basis.

I know I'll miss living in the area, especially since I've been here since the fall of 1996. I've met a slew of people here, including the man whose baby I am carrying. I matured here, and experienced a lot of really good and really bad shit. Because of my decision to move to the LBC, I can honestly say that I'm not a kid anymore. Weird.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Welcome to my blog, bitches!

Welcome, everyone! I'm learning how to do this blogging stuff with my friends from the valley. Hope all who takes the time to read this enjoys what you see and you don't hate me in the end. :)